Our Story


My name is Adora. I had always loved expressing myself with gems and jewels. Diamonds, Pearls, Rubies and Sapphires have always fascinated me but was beyond my reach. It was disappointing at first until I discovered that I had other options.

Value for money alternatives

It was such an eye opener when I first discovered Zircon. It's an amazing stone that looks exactly like diamond but at a fraction of the price of diamond. It comes in a variety of colors that make these 'gems' look and feel exactly like sapphire and ruby. This was amazing because now I could get a whole range of designer jewelry  to suit my dressing choice. It was an amazing discovery.

This excitement led me into a buying spree. Here's what happened. I purchased a gorgeous necklace which was glowing and elegant. Sadly, after several uses it began to tarnish and the glow started to fade. This was really disappointing........

........ Surely there must be some better quality stuff out there, I thought to myself. I had this inner certitude telling me "don’t give up girl, go for it".  

So, I started browsing the internet looking for designers and manufacturers. This process was a learning experience. I realized that although these jewelry were replicas of diamond, pearl, sapphire or ruby, there was meticulous details going into the design and manufacture of these jewelry.

Search and share

It was really like an adventure. Meeting up with various designers and learning new stuff about this jewelry especially about the use of sterling silver and pearls. Some of these designers I met were passionate people who really loved creating quality jewelry. In their creations they insisted on using genuine silver and pearls. It was a Wow! Moment. 

Yes, it cost more but was still at a fraction of the price of diamonds, pearls and ruby.

I started to keep a record and appraise the items I purchased and evaluated the designers according to design, creativity, elegance and durability. Gradually I compiled a list of designers whom I was confident were making genuine products and on whom I could rely that they would deliver the best.

Initially I shared this with my firends and did purchases on their behalf. Oh! The expressions on their faces were fulfilling.

After a couple of years, with more reliable and credible designers, I decided to start this small online venture. This has been really amazing and the feedbacks have been mostly satisfying.

There have been several clients who were not too satisfied. This was mostly because of late delivery or when the product is damaged in transit. On all these occasions, I made it my priority to replace it to the satisfaction of the clients. Yes, that’s very important to me. 

Making you smile is my mission.